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MailPACS is powered by Sherm Software (Safety, Health, Employee Risk Management) that is provided as Software as a Service. Sherm, through the MailPACS platform will demonstrate your legal compliance and contract compliance.

There will no longer be the need to get your WHS Manual updated each year. This will be taken care of for you as part of your annual subscription to MailPACS.  New Clients on Sherm are required to purchased the WHS Manual - New Client as a one off only.


What we manage for you

  • WHS policy statements, procedures and forms
  • Company Insurance records
  • Workers details, next of kin and licences tracked
  • Maintained Vehicle Register
  • Registers for: Legal obligations, Chemicals, Vehicles, Training and Competency
  • Incident Investigation Advice
  • Records Management
  • Annual Safety Performance Audit
  • WHS Advise


  • Schedule inspections on the fly via mobile app
  • Competency assessments for drivers
  • Safety Data Sheets readily available
  • Online Incident Reporting
  • Online Hazard Reporting
  • Capture Risk with Photos
  • Automatic email notification reminders
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Private and Secure
  • Easy to use

If you are ready to transition, then Order Now


The Process

If you are new to our services, no problem!  The same process is followed and you will enjoy a simple transition into the MailPACS postal compliance solution.

If you are ready to transition, then Order Now.

Alternatively, refer to our OHS Services