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The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Manual was initially developed in 2015 in response to the challenge that POAAL Members had with Australia Post WHS Plan requirements. The WHS Manual has been kept up to date by Safety for Life to ensure both legal requirements along with contractual requirements prescribed by Australia Post and Star Track Express.

Safety for Life is recognised as an approved external provider by Australia Post Contract Managers and our current clients recognise the value we provide in supporting them in the development and updating of the WHS Manual for the business operations. We are often referred to as a ‘life saver’. Yes, we take the pain away and support you in your health and safety journey as a business owner.

Please know this. We understand that not all of our existing clients will transition over to the MailPACS Managed Service. This could be due to technology limitations, mobile service issues along with a range of other barriers. That is ok. Be assured that our commitment to you is to keep the current WHS Manual up to date along with additional OHS Services. All will remain the same.


Additional OHS Services:

  • Operational Contingency Plan
  • Contractor Driver Due Diligence
  • Emergency Response Plan for the Licenced Post Offices
  • Hard copy print version mailed out

To get a WHS Manual, the Annual Update, or another OHS Service, please Order HERE.