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Joyful Drops Pty Ltd

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330 Scott Lane, North Maclean 4280

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Mail Contractor

Mail Contractor : Yes

Mail Service Number and Name : Service Number: 804766 (1319) Name Arundel Dc - Paradise Point - Coomera Transport & Depot Bag Service

Number of workers and type? : 2 Casual employees

If you have ordered and Operational Contingency Plan, then provide details of hours worked each day for each worker : Monday - Friday

Do you supply Personal Protective Equipment to workers? If yes, provide overview : No

Do you have sub-contractors that supply vans/bikes? : No

Motor vehicles (van) that you supply do you have a first aid kit and fire extinguisher? : Yes

If using vans, are cargo barriers installed? : Yes

Is work done in mail / distribution centre or post office? : No

What equipment is provided by your company? : 2 Vans, 2 Trolleys

If you do rural work, have you identified any areas where workers are out of mobile service range for long durations? : No


Would you like your program emailed to them upon completion? : No